Behind the Curtain

There are a few people who really keep us afloat year round. Meet the brave souls behind the scenes of the Wayfinder Experience.

Corinne McDonald Executive Director of Operations


Corinne grow up a in military family and lived in a number of wonderful places as a child, before settling in Virginia Beach. It was while attending the Virginia Beach Friends School that she first encountered Wayfinder [then known as Adventure Game Theater] and discovered her passion for building strong, supportive communities while running around in fairy wings.

Fifteen years later, she is still passionate about this work, and considers the friends she made at camp part of her family. (They even have a 45-person 2nd Thanksgiving every year!). Over the last twelve years, Corinne has worked every staff position at camp, directed over-night and day camps, and served on the Hiring Board. Before taking over full-time management of Wayfinder, she taught art, worked in bakeries and bookshops, studied massage therapy, managed a juice bar and a cupcake shop. She loves cooking, reading, and her mother.

Trine Boode-Petersen Executive Director of Communications


Trine is a graduate of the New School: Eugene Lang College where she received her BA in The Arts:Theater. She has been teaching a variety of theater and movement classes for ages 4-18 for the past eight years, during which time she was a summer staff for The Wayfinder Experience (WFE).

Before working full time for WFE she lived in New York City where she taught after school enrichment and pursued an acting/directing career. Trine is also a founding member of the Vertigo Theater Company and an associate artist with Serious Play! Theater ensemble. Her passion for education through the arts goes back over ten years when she herself was a Wayfinder camper and lived on a small farm in Massachusetts. One thing to know about Trine is that she’s always ready for an adventure!

Chester Elliott Graphic Designer


CHETChet graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a BA for graphic design in 2011 and has been freelancing ever since. He is a Hudson Valley native and a longtime staff member for Wayfinder. In the summer you can find him directing or teaching at our camps. Outside of Wayfinder, Chet works at the Hudson Valley Sudbury School facilitating the students’ educations and working as technical clerk.


Michael Phillips Off Season Event DirectorIMG_2099

Michael Phillips graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a BA in digital media production with a focus in film. When he’s not on set, he is our off season director for Frontier Adventures and Living Legends Events. He is also a prolific Adventure Game writer and member or our Story Board.


Jusdon Packard Staff Blog Writer

BIOPICJudson Easton Packard recently graduated from Kansas State with a Bachelor’s degree in English. He has been involved with the Wayfinder Experience since 2003 when he first came as a camper. He has been on the Rules and Regulations board since 2013. Before that he served the community by serving on the Hiring Board, and working every event he was given the opportunity to. He believes in hill trolls and LARPs because the costumes bring out his eyes. Check out the blog here

Howard Moody Mentor and Co-Founder of the Adventure Game


Howard Moody has been offering his playshops for over 30 years and specializes in designing team building, stress reduction, and wellness presentations for many organizations. He has trained with the New Games Foundation, Project Adventure and the Professional Play Leaders Association. He also studied Original Play with Fred Donaldson founder of the international playmate project.

Howard has been a faculty member at the Omega Institute for Holistic studies for over 20 years and is also the co-founder of The Adventure Game Theatre; an extraordinary interactive learning process (featured on PBS and NPR). Howard, along with Brian Allison, co-founded the Adventure Game Theatre (AGT) in 1985. Through the process of developing AGT, Howard and Brian created a unique form of play and personal growth for teens and adults. Combining experiential learning with creativity, improvisational theater, play, community building, mythology and storytelling they have brought magic into many young people’s lives. Howard has also taken this work and adapted it with Wayfinder and Valarie Paradiz to work with Students on the Autism spectrum particularly students with Aspergers syndrome.

Play in its many forms is Howard’s passion and his mission is to share the value and gifts that play has to offer to everyone.

Griffin Johnston Webmaster


Griffin runs Nonesuch Studios Inc., a company that designs & develops custom websites (including this one). Griffin is a former camper who founded Bootleg Adventures with his brother to take advantage of a $50/off per-referral discount.  The program was so successful that today it is a Wayfinder-sponsored programming. He currently lives in NYC with some great friends he made at camp.