Once upon a time,

a group of friends sat together in a field on a sunny summer’s day. They had worked for many years together at a summer program, grown up together, taught together, fought together, cried together, loved together, and now, they sat together. While sitting, they thought, while thinking, they talked, and while talking, they said, “HEY! Why don’t we start our OWN summer camp? How hard could it be?”

IMG_0215And so, with a dollar, a dream, and the fearless and wonderfully foolish naiveté of youth, they set off on their journey.

Turns out, starting a summer camp was a little more difficult than they might have expected. At their very first week of camp, they had only 7 campers. They had to scrimp and save and struggle and put in countless volunteer hours to build their dream brick by brick. Yet with hard work, good fortune, and overwhelming support from their community, build it they did.

That was in 2001. Since that time, the Wayfinder Experience has touched hundreds upon thousands of young people’s lives, across the nation and internationally. We have partnered with many wonderful organizations and1970020317091512 have been the inspiration for others to start their own youth empowerment groups. We have developed arts education programming, programs for students on the autism spectrum, workshops for at-risk youth and female empowerment workshops. But most importantly, we have passed our dream on to a new generation. Those who were once our first campers are now some of our most valued staff members. Our community has grown to include adventurers of all ages, and has spread all over the nation. We could not be more proud of the path that has led us here today.

History is a story, and the tale is yet unfinished. We hope you will help us tell the rest.