Overnight Summer Camps

Summer 2018 Schedule TBD

Summer 2017 below:

Immersion Camp

August 7th-13th, Ages 11+ at the Taconic Retreat Center  This year’s Immersion camp will focus on a single world, allowing participants to delve deeply into the story an expansive fantasy world. The adventure will take place in three separate installments, and information about the specifics of the adventure will be announced mid-March. Of course the week will also include plenty of capture the flag, improv, trust and other fun workshops. Sign up here!

Advanced Camp

August 14th-20th, Ages 12+ at the Taconic Retreat Center  Our Advanced camp gives participants a chance to experience three completely different worlds & storylines. Using our unique blend of trust work, improv, foam sword play and character building, we prepare our participants to explore exciting new worlds. Consciously developing a strong community and open check-in system allows us to explore some potentially sensitive subject matter within the safety of a imaginary world. Sign up here!

Survival Camp, NEW!

August 21th-27th, Ages 12+ at the Holmes Presbyterian Center  WWe are excited to announce our first ever Survival Camp! For this camp we are returning to the beautiful Presbyterian Center and bringing in guest teachers to run workshops on wilderness survival skills (building fires and shelters, wood carving, tracking, plant identification and more). This camp will also feature the building blocks of our traditional program (improv, sword and trust workshops) and two amazing Adventure Games that will incorporate the participants new survival skills. This camp also includes a Survival Kit (fire starting implements, woodcraft knife, compass, water bottle and more) that the participants will use at camp and then take home, along with their newly acquired survival knowledge. Sign up here!














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