Winter Game

Winter Game 2018

A yearly tradition that brings our Wayfinder family together over winter break. All the things you love about camp… but in the snow! Dec. 27th-29th every year. A great holiday gift for your Wayfinder child!

This year’s Winter Game will be held in the heart of the Catskills at Frost Valley YMCA at 2000 Frost Valley Road, Claryville, NY. (Some of you may remember we held Winter Game there in 2015.)  It’s the perfect setting for playing The Long Night, an Adventure Game written specifically to be played in deep, dark Winter!  Roy Graham, the author, offers this as a synopsis: “After being chased out of the kingdom by the fear and prejudice of their neighbors, a group of magical refugees seek sanctuary in a remote mountain village. But these dark and snowy woods have secrets of their own, and there is more to worry about out here than an angry mob.”

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