At Wayfinder summer camps, we teach a decades-tested core curriculum of theatrical skills, athletic play, and community awareness which is interwoven into two culminating Adventure Games– a chance for participants to explore imaginary worlds with new perspectives and new identities.

At this camp we will focus on role-playing and community building.

HVSS’s pick up/ drop off schedule is as follows:

Mon 9am-4pm

Tues 9am-4pm

Wed 9am-4pm

Thurs 9am-4pm, Adventure Game 6pm-9:30pm

Fri 9am-1pm

Financial aid available upon request; guidelines and instructions available here. Deadline for Hero Fund requests is June 1st.

Please note that Early Registration discounts end on March 31st, and to get the discount, your payment must be received in full. There is also a late registration fee (+$25) that will take effect 1 week before the start of camp (July 24th), and walk up registration fee (+$50) that will be incurred at registration (July 31st).

HVSS Day Camp 2: Advanced Camp



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