This year’s Immersion camp will focus on a single world, allowing participants to delve deeply into the story an expansive fantasy world. The adventure will take place in three separate installments, and information about the specifics of the adventure will be announced mid-March. Of course the week will also include plenty of capture the flag, improv, trust and other fun workshops.

Our Advanced camp gives participants a chance to experience three completely different worlds & storylines. Using our unique blend of trust work, improv, foam sword play and character building, we prepare our participants to explore exciting new worlds. Consciously developing a strong community and open check-in system allows us to explore some potentially sensitive subject matter within the safety of a imaginary world.

About the facilities; there are 5 beds (bedding provided) per bunkhouse with heat and AC, and a short walk to the shared bath house. The kitchen staff are able to accommodate any dietary restrictions, given enough prior notice.

Financial aid available upon request; guidelines and instructions available here. Deadline for Hero Fund requests is June 1st.

Please note that Early Registration discounts end on March 31st, and to get the discount, your payment must be received in full. There is also a late registration fee (+$50) that will take effect 1 week before the start of camp (July 31st), and walk up registration fee (+$100) that will be incurred at registration (Aug 7th).

Combo: Immersion and Advanced Camps 2017



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