At Wayfinder summer camps, we teach a decades-tested core curriculum of theatrical skills, athletic play, and community awareness which is interwoven into two culminating Adventure Games– a chance for participants to explore imaginary worlds with new perspectives and new identities.

At this camp we will focus on role-playing and community building.

HVSS’s pick up/ drop off schedule is as follows:

Mon 9am-4pm

Tues 9am-4pm

Wed 9am-4pm

Thurs 9am-4pm, Adventure Game 6pm-10pm

Fri 9am-1pm

Financial aid available; guidelines and instructions can be found here. Deadline for Hero Fund requests is June 1st.

Please note that there is a late registration fee (+$25) that will take effect 2 weeks before the start of camp (July 16th), and walk up registration fee (+$50) that will be incurred at registration (July 30th).

Hudson Valley Sudbury School Day Camp 2: Advanced Camp July 30 – Aug 3


  • Location: Hudson Valley Sudbury School
  • Drop Off: 9am M-F; Return for game 6pm Th
  • Pick Up: 4pm M, Tu, W, Th; After game 10pm Th; 1pm F
  • Ages: 10+


Contact Info

The Wayfinder Experience


Office: 61 O’Neil Street

Kingston, NY 12401

(845) 481-0776