A perfect camp for both first-time and returning campers, our 6-day overnight event will cover everything from sword form, character building and improvisational acting to capture the flag (with swords and magic!), night hikes and team-building exercises. Join us in our first camp experience at the beautiful Berkshire Hills Eisenberg Camp, located in Columbia County, NY.

For this camp’s Adventure Game, we will be revamping Wayfinder’s classic three-part, high fantasy adventure, The Hollow King! Here’s a teaser: The Hollow King takes place in a world most analogous to that of King Arthur, Robin Hood or Charlemagne. It is a low fantasy universe, which is to say that there aren’t any races other than human, and that the focus of the world is less on magic than it is on pageantry, politics, knights and hauberks. (There is magic, never fear.) The story takes place on a continent referred to as The Five Kingdoms because of its geopolitical layout. There are 5 large kingdoms covering the coastlines of the continent, and there is one region, much smaller, in the middle of the land. This region is the seat of politics, and the location for the actual game. The story takes place at the summer grounds of the High King Tyburn Drake, who has been in power for less than a decade, after overthrowing a lineage that traced back to the Kingdom’s origin. This summer, they are marrying their daughter off to a prince of the Coljars, a barbaric seafaring race who have terrorized the Five Kingdoms since time immemorial. Prepare for a game of intrigue, battle, politics, magic and betrayal!

Financial aid available; guidelines and instructions can be found here. Deadline for Hero Fund requests is June 1st. Hero Fund grants will be made in mid-June.

Please note that there is a late registration fee (+$50) that will take effect 2 weeks before the start of camp (July 22d), and walk up registration fee (+$100) that will be incurred at registration (Aug 5th). Please also note we cannot guarantee a space for walk ups.

Specialty Camp: Heroes and Heretics



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