Join us for our yearly winter retreat. We return this year to the beautiful Frost Valley YMCA Retreat Center, deep in the Catskill Mountains, the perfect winter wonderland! Half way to summer; a great time to catch up and play with friends over the holiday season.

This year’s Adventure Game, The Long Night, was written by Roy Graham.  For a little taste:  “In a long-abandoned village in the remote highlands of the kingdom, a refugee community of wizards, warlocks and magically inclined people of all stripes huddle close to the fire, sheltering from the cold. There was a time when many of them might have lived in the capitol, or attended an academy for spellcraft, or even served within the court of the Tsar as a wizard or alchemist. That was before, though.

              Living this far from the tall walls and strong blades of the kingdom comes with risks of its own. Out here, the land is wild and untamed, and more than simple beasts walk these woods. It’s true that here, you are safe from the torch of your former neighbors. But there is much you don’t understand about this place, and one mystery in particular has troubled you as of late.   Everyone knows the winter days are short and the nights are long. But the sun hasn’t risen in two days, and no one knows why.”


Winter Game 2018


  • Location: Frost Valley YMCA
  • Drop Off: Dec. 27th 3pm
  • Pick Up: Dec. 29th 1pm
  • Ages: 11+


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