Summer Story Schedule

Summer Story Schedule 2017


Unison Arts Center

July 10th-14th: Wandering Stars by Emma Puranen

July 17th-21st: Assassin Town by JJ Muste

Woodstock Day School

July 10th-14th: The Golden Age by Eric Lasko

July 17th-21st: Debts Collected by Jay Dragon

Hudson Valley Sudbury School

July 24th-28th: The Great War by Thom Gordanier and Henry White

July 31st- August 4th (Advanced Day Camp): ‘Til Your Legs Give Out by Kate Muste

High Meadow School

July 31- August 4th: TBA

August 7th-11th: Wargate 3: Big War at Little Gate by Matt Wright




August 7th-13th @ Taconic

Settler’s Keep by Eliot O’Clair and Mike Phillips


August 14th-20th @ Taconic

Game I: Aurora Rising by Jack Warren

Game II: Silence Blooming by Jay Dragon and Jeremy Gleick

Game III: Faith and Fire by Mike Jones


August 21th-27th @ Holmes

Game I: The Year King by Devon Brinner

Game II: The Nevena Loop by Ruby Lavin