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The Wayfinder Blog is place were we share and discus the many facets of our camp and community. To the right you will see each of the different posts, simply click on one to get started. We have a few series running currently, they are:

Where are They Now which features interview with campers and staff who aren’t currently at camp, but who still think of Wayfinder as one of their homes.
A Day In The Life which showcase photos and stories of the fun thing happening at camp over the summer.
Blog Posts which are where shine a light on different workshops, ideology and community treads. IMG_0133

Contribute to the blog. We are always looking for more Wayfinder voices to be heard (or read) on our blog, if you have a story to share please email us.

Also check out our Adventure Game writing blog for ideas on how to get started with writing Wayfinder Games.