What to Bring

What to Bring to Overnight Camp
Flash light and extra batteries
All forms
Toiletries: tooth brush, shampoo, soap, deodorant, any contact care products in a small caddy or toiletry bag
Back-up prescription glasses, if you have ’em
Sunscreen and bug spray
For Survival camp only Bedding: Sheets, pillow, blankets. Or sleeping bag.
Flip flops and 2 towels for showering
Plenty of clean socks and underwear!
Rain jacket or poncho
Enough clothes for duration of stay
A laundry bag (for more than one week, please send $10 for a laundry run)
Plain black/brown clothes for the Adventure, and neutral close-toed shoes
A sweater, sweat shirt or light jacket for cold nights.
Close toed shoes (tennis shoes are fine)

Things to bring just for fun:
A camera
Fun games (Like Magic or Set cards, frisbees, soccer balls)
Musical instruments
Any personal costuming or foam weapons
An engaging book
Notebook or sketchpad, envelopes and a few stamps

WFE is not responsible for lost or broken items; bring at your own risk. Please label personal items with your child’s name. NO WEAPONS, INCLUDING UTILITY KNIVES, FIREWORKS OR REAL SWORDS ARE PERMITTED AT CAMP.